To become one of the leading woodwork producing company in the world and the best working place in Vietnam.Customers: Benefit customers with high quality products and services.

Employees: Bring more confidence to the life of the staffs through their meaningful contribution.

Shareholders: Bring profits to investors, confidence in intellectuals and our uprightness.

Community: contribute more to society, develop human and do business on knowledge foundation and uprightness.

Customer oriented: The customer is king, the community is the family. We work to serve customers with all of our passion and uprightness.

Intergrity: we operate based on ethical standards, openness and transparency in all activities.

Activeness: seizing the initiative in all business activities is always our top guideline.

Passion for excellence: Being endlessly creative, we further perfect our people everyday, constantly improve the  management capacity and carry out technological innovations.

Willing to share & learn: we act in the spirit of cooperation and share sustainable benefits.