Why us?

Why us?

10 reasons why your furniture partner should be Savimex:

 1. Extensive Experience

SAVIMEX’s current export amount for hospitality furniture to the USA is over US $12 million per year and growing.  Our partner and clients are highly satisfied with our quality and price, which is why they continue to do business with us and their business is growing very rapidly.  Along with the USA, SAVIMEX exports hospitality furniture to several countries.

2. Superior Quality of Products and Services

We work to meet 100% of your quality standard with the highest satisfaction in areas including materials, workmanship, and our services.

3. Price

Not only are our prices reasonable but did you know furniture manufactured in Vietnam  does not  require  import  tax  into  the  United  States?  This is an unexpected saving opportunity you can enjoy.

4. Delivery

On time delivery is essential. It is a promise we strive to keep with our clients.

5. We can provide for you…

– Quotes in 3 – 5 days.

– Shop Drawing 3 – 7 days.

– Model room 15 – 30 days.

– Rush projects can be arranged most of time.

6. Materials & Design

We source only the best materials to use for your projects for the best quality. Material and finish sample boards will be submitted for approval when requested. Our best technicians produce shop drawing per design specification and review construction and stability.  Details are never overlooked at SAVIMEX.  We are also specialized and strong in metal work including stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum and experienced with various finishes such as antique finish.

7. Business capacity

There are no jobs too big or too small for SAVIMEX as production load can be delegated between the 1,500 workers in the 1 million sqft factory and between the 35 workers in the sample room.

8. Action Plan for Quality Control

We have a FF&E project team with long standing experience of all manufacturing process. They make sure you get the best quality for your projects. Their action plan for perfect quality is:

– Inspect all process starting from drawings, MR samples, materials, assembly and packing prior to proceeding to the next step in manufacturing

– Quantity check and final inspection prior to delivery

– Provide instructions on how to unpack and how to install

– Report final inspection to General Manager for approval to ship

9. “Three Factors” That Makes Us the Best

– Dedicated Passion

– Sufficient Financing

– Experienced Techniques

10. Welcome to SAVIMEX

We are always open to finding new business partners who can enjoy what SAVIMEX has to offer