Supported products

Supported products

At Savimex, we have built deep relationship with our partners in many field. In win – win working spirit, we are now, ready to support you for household product as follows:

1. Bedding product: pillow, blanket, duvet, curtain, carpet, slipper, towel…
2. Kitchen product: kitchen utensil, inox cookware, ceramic, storage items,…
3. Decoration product

Wooden Utensil

Water Hyacynth storage

Water Hyacinth storage

Support 6

PP Storage and tableware

Support 4

Rattan and other natural items

Support 7


Support 5

Inox Cookware

Latex pillow

Latex pillow

Inox flatware

Inox flatware

Support 8

PP In-house Carpet

Support 12

Backpack & Hand carrier

Support 11

Ceramic tableware

Support 13

Wooden tableware

Support 16


Support 17


Support 15

Wooden toys

Support 14

Ceramic tableware

Support 18

Natural Soap

If you are looking for some or related items, just drop us an email here.