Savimex’s member

Savimex’s member


Satimex factory is one of the leading units in Vietnam in producing and exporting high quality wood products. Established in 1985 on total area of over 5ha, the factory is equipped with modern production lines, equipment and technologies, satisfying standards to export to leading markets: Japan, US, Europe, etc. Quality Management System has always been applied throughout the production process to ensure the best quality of products and the Environmental Management Systems is thoroughly interested to preserve resources. The factory has a workforce of over 1000 employees including experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workers who are ready to satisfy customer’s requirements.


Formerly SaviWoodtech factory established in 1993, it was officially merged into Satimex export woodwork refinery factory since September 03, 2009.


– Satimex is the first unit to introduce series of woodwork production technologies in Vietnam. Satimex has sucessfully applied modern techniques to decorating surface of products: Veneer, wood textures, ultraviolet (UV) drying, etc. – On April 21, 2000, Satimex was honored as the first wood processing factory of Vietnam to obtain ISO 9002 certificate issued by BVQI and version of ISO 9001: 2000 since November 01, 2002.

– On March 13, 2002, Satimex was the first wood processing factory of Vietnam to obtain 14001:1996 certificate. In 2002, the branch of Satimex factory received a certificate of quality management system according to ISO 9002 and until 2003, the branch finished ISO 9001:2000 standard of BVQI.

– Products of Satimex are manufactured according to knock-down method and packaged and delivered directly to consumers.

– Products of Satimex have been available in markets of Japan, US, Europe, Korea, Australia, etc


SaviDecor, which was established in 1995, is one of the four members of Savimex Joint Stock Company specialized in the fields of design, interior decoration and high quality interior woodwork for domestic market.

With a labor force of 150 employees including experienced administrators, highly professional architects, engineers, draftsmen and workers, SaviDecor has implemented high-value projects.

Currently, SaviDecor is focusing on designing, producing interior woodwork suitable to modern apartments. With skilled, professional workers and the application of modern paint technology, we always launch high quality products with reasonable price into the market.


Along with the development of the country, the packaging industry has been increasingly focused and developed. In 2007, Savimex Economic Cooperation and Import Export Joint Stock Company Company established a pack production enterprise (SAVIPACK) with main functions: producing paper packs, printing on closed packs, etc meeting the demand of the company and domestic demands.

During production – business, SAVIPACK with modern equipment and skilled engineers, workers has step by step developed, obtained trust and attracted big and renown customers in the market such as: Scancom, Viet Hoang, Masan, Japan New Furniture, Cofidec, Khanh Quy export 7-layer dragon fruit tank, etc

With capacity of 18 million m2/year and producing various types of packs (3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer, etc), various sizes (1.8m size) and abundant print patterns on closed production line, etc and especially with the motto: taking product quality, on-time delivery and customer cooperation manner as the top criterion to compete, SAVIPACK is confident to satisfy customers.

Besides, we are always aware of the quality, environment management and care fore the employees, which is certified for management systems: ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001.


SAVIHOMES real estate development and business center is a member of SAVIMEX Economic Cooperation and Import Export Joint Stock Company.

The center specializes in real estate transactions, construction of projects on residential areas, houses and apartment buildings for all subjects.

After more than 10 years of operation, the center has built up reputation and experience through its many works.  The goal of the Center is to build more residential areas with utilities necessary for each household, good technical infrastructure, social environment for the community.

Along with SAVIHOMES, there are SATIMEX  and SAVIDECOR which are 2 leading units in woodwork processing, export, interior decoration for civil and industrial works. In combination with the Center, woodwork and interior decoration products of SAVIMEX from the modern factories have been designed and equipped for office buildings, houses, business facilities across the country.


“Commitment to the continuous improvement of activities to control and enhance product quality to bring joy to customers.”


With the close collaboration of both parties to the joint venture, Champa-Savi is comprehensively invested in material facilities, production lines and equipment as well as organization apparatus to have enough capacity and experience to best meet tproduction and business requirements set forth by the joint venture. Champa-Savi strives to become a typical joint venture in export woodwork refinery industry of Champasak province and a joint venture will bring high economic efficiency for Champasak Province, contributing to increasing exports and promoting economic development of Laos. At the same time, Champa-Savi also opens new development directions for Savimex to expand the production scale, export markets, to promote the domestic market with high quality products with variety of designs, categories and helps Savimex get stable supply of timber to ensure the production of the factories in Vietnam. That Champa – Savi goes into operation has marked the successful cooperation of Savimex and Champasak, contributing to further tightening the deep solidarity and friendship between the two peoples of Vietnam – Laos.